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Real Estate


Real Estate

Buying or Selling a Home

Our law firm regularly processes residential purchases and sales. We draft and/or review Agreements of Purchase and Sale prior to your signing, in order to advise you of pitfalls within the Agreement, or alternatively, to suggest improvements where applicable. We also complete preliminary title searches promptly upon receipt of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, and will inform you of potential problems and suggest various solutions. 

We will provide you with clear and realistic expectations of the costs involved in buying and selling a home and will answer your questions and address your concerns effectively and thoroughly.



Buying or Selling a Commercial Property

Our lawyers can also assist with the buying or selling of a commercial property. Searches will be conducted early to avoid potential title and/or logistical problems that may arise when closing a deal. To ensure you are entering into a legally enforceable agreement that will protect your interests, we prefer to review Agreements of Purchase and Sale before you sign them. 

We can address concerns about insurance, the quality of your title, zoning, tax, and any other matter associated specifically with the acquisition or sale of commercial properties.




Our office can assist you in understanding your mortgage options. If requested, we will review mortgage commitment letters with you prior to your accepting the commitment and we will help to clarify any concerns. We are experienced in dealing with clients requiring secondary financing, such as vendor take-back mortgages or private mortgages



Spousal/Family Transfers

We often assist with the transfer of the title of property between spouses and other family members by way of preparing the documentation necessary for transferring title, aiding with the registration of a transfer, and advising on relevant tax implications.

Construction Liens

With respect to construction liens, we can help you to understand your rights and obligations under the Construction Lien Act. Further, we can assist with the enforcement of those rights. We have extensive experience assisting persons and corporations who provide materials and/or services to property owners. In the event of non-payment of the service provider, we assist with timely preparation of the various notices and registrations that will be placed on the property owner’s title. Furthermore, we will conduct the court procedure required to collect the outstanding amounts.


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