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International Family Law: Part I

People are more mobile now than at any time in history.  Transportation and technology are increasingly moving our jobs, businesses and family constellations beyond the confines of territorial borders, and many of us see ourselves as citizens of a shrinking global village.  'Global families' are becoming increasingly common, as we follow freely-moving jobs and capital across borders.  


Technology has made it easier than ever to maintain relationships over vast distances.  For some, all that is required is an internet connection.  Further, many of us have the option of multiple citizenships, and travel is cheaper and more accessible to us than ever before.  People and families are on the move in increasing numbers.


On the other hand, a family separation can throw territorial borders (and the distinct laws operating within them) back into sharp focus.  Suddenly the distance between spouses and parents can be a critical issue and borders can represent challenges to the resolution of family law matters.  Issues of jurisdiction and conflicts of law add a further dimension of complexity to what is already a difficult and confusing time in one's life.  


The family lawyers at GGFI can help you navigate the complex issues related to international separation and divorce.  In our International Family Law series, we will examine some common issues in inter-jurisdictional family law, including:

  • custody and access to children;
  • obtaining and enforcing child and spousal support;
  • obtaining and enforcing Orders and agreements related to property in foreign jurisdictions; and
  • divorce.

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